What is the Academic Committee?

Liberal Arts and Sciences(LAS) can be quite a difficult journey. Sometimes, we need a little help. That help of course needs to be given in an LAS way. The Academic Committee is the support structure of the LAS students to make sure everyone passes their year.

It organises Crash Courses of every first year course to give you that little extra help you need to pass. It organises events to make sure you know how to write papers, use rhetoric, and do research. It will give information about all the majors and generally help students through decisions to be made in your academic life.

The academic committee is also responsible for the Last Lectures. Two to four times a year, Extra Muros asks speakers one single question;

“If this was your very last lecture, what would you tell your students?”

Inspired by Dr. Randy Pausch, who gave one after being diagnosed with cancer, guests as Herman de Regt and Erica Terpstra tried to answer the question.

However, being Academic does not mean we can’t have any fun. The Academic Committee will organise roundtable discussions, book clubs, interactive sessions with teachers, and whatever else academic you can think of! Academia can be plenty of fun!