What is the Creative Committee?

One of the many beauties of life is coming together with friends and creating something. The Creative Committee is all about expressing yourself in any way, shape or form. We do theatre groups, painting sessions, music events, poetry nights, and ANYTHING else you can think of! The Creative Committee is just all about being creative together with your LAS friends.

Together with Mark Vitullo and Andrew Carthwright this committee also organises a Creative Writing course. If you ever wanted to learn how to construct a story and plot, imagine a fantasy world, or form a character our two great Academic English teachers will show you how! Or maybe you just need that extra little push to actually start writing and be motivated. Doesn’t matter, this course does it all!

All this effort and artsy fartsy stuff accumulates into the amazing Creative Crossovers! Once or twice a year we rent the Blackbox theatre on Tilburg University Campus and have an epic night of poetry, storytelling, theatre and music, all created by LAS. The theatre groups will perform, the LAS band will play, and the Creative Writing students will present their amazing writings.

There is a lot of freedom to take initiative and do whatever you want, as long as it is creative. I already had enough creativity while doing this treasure hunt!