What is the Outreach Committee

In 2018 the Outreach Committee was founded to organise the LESS Symposium. A symposium by and for discussion about Liberal Education. This was an amazing success with participants from all over Europe arriving to talk about their LAS experiences and the differences to our. However, this cannot be repeated again, but we realised the importance of reaching out to the rest of the world and to not be stuck in our own little Tilburg University College bubble.

Reaching out to the community and building bridges is what the outreach committee is about. In the academic year of 2019/2020, the focus will be on creating structures for volunteering within Tilburg, and (inter)nationally connecting LAS students.

A collaboration with local social organisations has to be created. Think of organising a group of LASers to volunteer at the food bank, homeless shelter, or helping out UNICEF with their events. Imagine a day’s visit at a company to try out what they are like to work at.
The Committee will also establish contact and organise events with other University Colleges during which you can meet and exchange ideas with other kinds of LAS people!

If you are motivated to contact and work with social institutions to help build a framework for LAS students to check out different aspects of volunteering or if you want to bring the far-spread LAS communities closer together – the Outreach Committee is the right place to do so. You will meet many amazing people from both here in Tilburg and around the world.

Input, ideas and motivation are welcome!