ChatGPT Explains: Hansel and Gretel in Youth Slang

Written by Safieh Brettschneider

Hansel and Gretel in Youth Slang

Once upon a time in a vibin’ forest, there were these two sibs, Hansel and Gretel. They were low-key tired of their fam’s drama, so they decided to dip out into the woods and live their best lives.

But they got mega lost and couldn’t find their way back, and things were getting real hangry. Suddenly, they spotted a lit gingerbread house. They were like, “Bruh, that’s the snack shack we’ve been dreamin’ of!”

They rolled up to that gingerbread crib, nibbled on the walls like it was a candy rave, and were about to call it a night when the OG witch came out. She was shady AF, trying to fatten them up for some wild reason.

Gretel was no pushover, though. She was like, “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” and hatched a plan to outsmart the witch. She waited for the right moment, and when the witch was distracted, they locked her in her own oven.

They bounced out of there, took all the witch’s cash, and found their way back home, where their fam was all like, “Where you been, fam?” And they were like, “You wouldn’t believe the craziness we just went through!”

So, Hansel and Gretel lived happily ever after, stacking that gingerbread cash and staying one step ahead of the haters. The end, fam! 🍭🏠✌️

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