How to Survive… Parties at LAS


Hi babes! I hope all of you enjoyed the Halloween party last Friday. For those who did not attend, do not worry cause we have a lot more coming up! On that note, you might have noticed how many talented people study at our course who do not hesitate to show their creativity with their outfits and makeup. If you also want to show off your abilities with some flashy face paint or clever custom for our upcoming events you should consider reading forward, because we collected a few places in Tilburg where you can get the essentials for a fair price. 


But, where could a broke student, such as all of us in LAS, get a custom for cheap? Well, you don't have to go too far, because we have just the perfect shops in Tilburg. Fof custom first I would check out  Kringloop. This is a chain store that can be found in many cities in the Netherlands, and it provides very cheap, but still adequate quality of recycled clothes, furniture etc. I for example found myself a barely worn Breshka top for the amazing price of 3 euros.

(Ceramstraat 12, 5013 BB Tilburg)


Re Share is a second-hand store a little bit more expensive than Kringloop, but totally worth it. The quality for the clothes is unmatched amongst recycled clothes. I got one of my favorite shirts, for only 10 euros. Also if you like skirts as much as I do, this is your store. Re share has so many different styles of mine and maxi skirts that you particularly get lost in them.

(Willem II Straat 51-53, 5038 BD Tilburg)

La pou belle

One of my colleagues recommended this store to me, and it has never disappointed her! Beside clothing items, this store also sells cute home decor and furniture. 

(Hoevenseweg 3, 5017 AD Tilburg)


I also highly recommend trying out SoLow in the city center for funky accessories like hats, tights, jewelry and so much more. However, you also can find face paint, some makeup and also pre-made customs.

(Heuvelstraat 101C, 5038 AC Tilburg) 


If you also want to spice up your custom with some fancy makeup, you should definitely try Hemma. Hemma sells everything from snacks to kitchen equipment, so naturally you can find some items of makeup for a nice price. 

(Heuvelstraat 24, 5038 AE Tilburg)


Personally, I prefer to go to Kruidvat for some basic girl make up, because they have all the essential makeup products, and slo equipment, such as mirrors. But you also can find skincare and hair products, and even vitamins, which is important since winter is coming. I also love in Kruidvat that they always have something on sale. So don’t forget to ask for a bonus card to save a few euros!

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