Out of Context Quotes: October 2023


Have you also said something completely stupid and someone decides to make fun of you for it? Well don’t worry, we have too! Unbeknownst to you all we have been subtly collecting quotes that have been said and have stripped them of their context to make it even better : ) To respect our quote victim’s privacy, we’re not saying names, so sit back, have a giggle and enjoy our out of context quotes! 


“I don’t wanna be the breastfeeding mafia”


“One of the ways to be kind: donate money, time or blood”


“I wanna be your friend” “I wanna be your friend too” ~A monologue


Person A: Oh my ‘Person B’.
Person C: Don’t you mean ‘oh my god’?
Person A: You worship your god, I’ll worship mine.


“You can imagine it is not really fun to live through an atom bomb explosion, right?”


“And then I entered her room through her window when she was sleeping…I NEEDED TO GET THE DRYING RACK”

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