Valentine’s date ideas!

Written by Evelyn Hilt-Rojas

Love is in the air and there is nothing more romantic to do with your pookie than to…..uhhhh…..

If you’re anything like us then you have probably been procrastinating coming up with a valentine’s or galentine’s day plan. If you find yourself in Tilburg looking for a fun way to celebrate the people you love, then don’t you worry we have the perfect list of 10 date ideas that you can do with your friends or partners in Tilburg!

Top 10 Tilburg date ideas:

  1. If you love to be in bookshops or libraries then this date idea is for you. Gianotten Mutsaers offers a variety of books (also in English) and can give you as much as two levels worth of literacy to look at. However, it is not just any bookshop, it is also a café! Thus, after you have savored the books you can retreat to their café and enjoy a warm coffee with some delicious cake.Gianotten Mutsaers - indebuurt Tilburg
    Location: Emmapassage 17, 5038 XA Tilburg
  2. If you are looking for an activity that is the perfect middle between sportive and chill then Jeu de Boules is just right. NondeJeu is an indoor boules hall with more than just games of Boule. They also offer “Prison Island” which takes the form of an escape room and different kinds of board games.
    Parkeren bij Nondejeu Tilburg | Parkeergarage Heuvelpoort
    Location: Pieter Vreedeplein 80, 5038 BW Tilburg
  3. For those of you who love sports, the ice skating rink in Tilburg Ireen Wüst Ice Rink is just the thing for you! It has an area where people can skate freely but also offers seasonal events and activities.
    Ireen Wüst IJsbaan
    Location: Curlingstraat 15, 5022 DZ Tilburg

  4. For a more relaxed date the Brunch Café Koppig has just the right atmosphere! Their coffee offerings go from Spanish to Italian to Irish coffee; their fresh smoothies, pancakes and waffles are just the beginning.Koppig Brunchcafé - indebuurt Tilburg
    Location: Tuinstraat 4901, 5038 DA Tilburg
  5. If you like being in nature and isolating yourself from the hectic city center then De Oude Warande close to Tilburg University is great! After a nice walk along the forest paths, you can go to the Café/Restaurant Grotto which can be found at the heart of the Forest. (PS: Dogs/other pets are also allowed inside!)
    Oude Warande - Tilburg City App
    Location: Oude Warande 3, 5036 NE Tilburg
  6. Another fun sports activity is Squash at the Tilburg University Sports Center. In order to play it is first necessary to rent one of the courts the Sports Center offers. You can bring your own squash rackets and ball or rent them at the front desk. And if squash is not up your alley you can try out the plethora of activities and classes the Sports center has to offer! (Disclaimer: Entrance is only possible with a subscription toUniversity
    Sports Center.)
    Tilburg - Tilburg University Sports Center - SOEQ
    Location: Academielaan 5, 5037 ET Tilburg
  7. A further activity which is the perfect balance between active and relaxed, is the Bowling center Dolfijn: The Plays to be. It does not just have a bowling area but also offers indoor mini golf and a private karaoke room.Full AVL - Dolfijn, the plays to be
    Location: Ringbaan Oost 2a, 5013 CA Tilburg
  8. Jumpsquare Tilburg is a Trampoline Park for both adults and kids. It is a huge hall with attractions such as: Valo Jump (mix between jumping and video games), Dodgeball, Ninja Course, Foam Pit, Waterfall Trampoline and so much more.Jumpsquare Tilburg
    Location: Spaubeekstraat 89-B, 5035 JV Tilburg.
  9. Another nice date activity is going to the movies. Cinecitta is a rather ‘hidden’ movie theater that plays both english and dutch movies! It is not just an ordinary movie theater since it also has a restaurant. This cinema presents movies and live music concerts!Cinecitta onderging metamorfose: fonkelnieuw atrium, inclusief twee ondergrondse bioscoopzalen | Tilburg e.o. |
    Location: Willem II Straat 29, 5038 BA Tilburg
  10. This date idea takes you to Tilburgs’ Arcade Hall The Gaming Factory. The games range from old arcade games to modern E-games. They do not just offer arcades but also air hockey and board games. Food and drinks are also included!In deze Tilburgse gamehal draait het om de lol, niet om de prijzen: 'Door nostalgie ook leuk voor papa en opa' | Foto |
    Location: Ringbaan-Oost 98, 5013 CD Tilburg

A bonus 11th date idea:

  • Cuddle up into your bed with your pookie in the matching Oodies you bought them as a Valentine’s day gift (you can get them for cheap in primark), order some pizza and cuddle up with your favourite rom-com or John Wick (it’s our comfort movie- don’t judge). Get some scented candles to set the mood and enjoy a comfy night in with the person (or people) you love the most!

    Location: We don’t know where you live, that’s creepy!

Have an incredible day of love with your partner, friends, or even yourself!

All the love,

The Common Room.

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