General Assembly Update

Written by Safieh Brettschneider

The Extra Muros General Assembly marked the starting point of the Lustrum celebrations. The General Assembly is there for the more “official” parts of the association, meaning the board shares an update from their last semester and was evaluated by the independent committee and the committee heads (yes, also Angel and Simon handed an evaluation in). This was then discussed as well as the financials of the association as they were evaluated by the independent committee. After this more official procedure, there was room for questions by the members that were then discussed by all.

To end the General Assembly in a more celebratory way, we took some time to write notes and some of our nicest memories for the Future Extra Muros members of 2027! These were then stored in a time capsule that will be closed until then. We also reflected on the meaning of the association for us and the memories we connect with it and each other. Also, we got snacks!! So we could munch away while reminiscing in memories and anecdotes…

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