Extra Muros, the study association of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Tilburg University, gives you the opportunity to explore your student and study life outside of the walls.

The great community of LAS studens organizes social activities, such as monthly drinks, an amazing Gala, and many other parties, such as Halloween. Not just parties though! If you are a more chill and relaxed person Extra Muros also offers board game nights, city trips, and many other creative events, such as the LAS Band and a theater group. On top of that we organize many Academic Activities. We watch and discuss films, have book clubs, and even do events with professors such as salons, where you are all invited to talk about something that caught your interest around a certain theme, after which we all discuss it in a big group of intellectuals.

We aim to broaden the horizon of our members by organizing events with guest speakers, who share their wordsof wisdom about a high variety of topics. Additionally we give Crash Courses before exams, to help you out if you need a little extra assistance on top of the lectures.

We explore Dutch culture through day excursions, and creating interactive discussions in which you can freely voice your opinion. On the other hand the Dutchies will be introduced to the many different culture by our fabulous international members!

Each year we organize an amazing Study Trip.

We also help the faculty with events they want to organize. Here at LAS we are a big family, including the professors. All in all there is something for every kind of person to do in Extra Muros, so join in on the fun! If you want details on what each committee organizes check out the Committees tab.