David van Maren


David is the current head of our association in charge of the directions of our actions. Please contact him if you have any requests or ideas to propose.

Jamie Wolvekamp


Jamie communicates with members and staff. He’s also a great point of contact for any general questions you may have.

Anandi van der Merwe


Anandi is in charge of our financials and manages our budget. Contact her for questions about reimbursements and membership fees.

Sophie Breckner

Public Relations Officer

Sophie is in charge of social media, merchandise and communication with external organisations and individuals. Contact her for any external events or arrangements

Previous Boards

Board 2021-2022

President Laura Bankers
Secretary Jazlyn van den Broek
Treasurer Beatrice Caddeo
Public Relations Officer Sebastian Rostron

Board 2020-2021

President Loïc Segers
Secretary Franziska Fröhlich
Treasurer Anna Mangnus
Public Relations Officer Ebbe Tim Ottens

Board 2019-2020

President Benjamin Henninger
Secretary Rianne Janssen
Treasurer Tosca Koot
Public Relations Officer Cornee van Beek