The Academic Committee represents and nurtures one of the core pillars of Extra Muros: academic curiosity and educational advancement. On the academic side, this committee has previously organized events like book clubs, movie nights and salons (discussions about a specific topic). The committee is also responsible for organizing crash courses and, where possible, helping first- and upper- year students out when it comes to the core program of LAS.

One of the most prized events of Extra Muros, coordinated by the Academic Committee, is the Last Lectures series. Based off the prompt “If this was your very last lecture, what would you tell your students?”, inspired by Dr. Randy Pausch who gave one after being diagnosed with cancer, we invite lecturers from the University College as well as other speakers to answer this question in a minilecture. Past speakers include, among others, Herman de Regt, Erica Terpstra, Martijn Loos and Mark Vitullo.


Francisco Sequeira