The Independent Committee is tasked with maintaining the democratic and financial legitimacy of the association. It consists of at least two, but no more than three persons and is the only committee appointed by the General Assembly. It therefore acts as representative of the members of the association. They:

  • Have the right of initiative to propose financial recommendations to the Board;
  • Conduct one audit, including a review of finances, per semester. This report is published before and presented at the GA at the end of the semester, or directly after the semester;
  • Make financial recommendations, which are proposed and voted upon during the GA at the end of the semester, or directly after the semester;
  • Check voting procedures during GA’s, except for when the vote pertains to one of their audits.

Please note: the text above is a summary of the Independent Committee and Confidants Guidelines. Therefore, the text on this page is non-binding. For official documentation, please consult the statutes here.


Safieh Brettschnider, Max de Ruiter, Maxim Peresunko