The Social Party Committee is one of the most important committees of Extra Muros. True social interaction can only happen with a certain percentage of alcohol in the blood. When our bodies are slightly warmed up and our tongue is loosened we can find true friends, joy and love. Help yourself, and let us help you make your year memorable with exhilarating music and dance at Tilburgs finest bars. We will have LAS drinks or parties monthly!

This committee will also provide you with the highlight of the year: the annual Extra Muros Gala! A grand celebration of our association where you can present yourself at your finest!

All of this might be fun, but behind the scene it is quite the task. As a committee member, you will learn valuable skills such as organising parties and drinks for a group of people. Managing budgets for said parties and drinks. Help organise the Gala, the Halloween party and much more.

Join the Social Party Committee and show your fellow students what having a good time means! If you’re too busy to join, clearly you need to unwind, by indulging yourself the pleasure of our parties. See you soon!


Lieke Bijlsma