Broadening your perspectives is one of the pillars of Liberal Arts education. That is why the Study Trip Committee organises trips to destinations throughout Europe for all Liberal Arts and Sciences students. Taking part in a trip not only gives you greater experience of the various cultures in Europe and beyond, but it also gives you the opportunity to make great friends and hang out with your fellow students!

Become part of the committee!

Being part of the Study Trip Committee is very rewarding, as you’ll create an unforgettable experience for yourself and other students. You’ll be doing responsible and diverse work. Together with your committee members, you will spend time thinking of fun and affordable destinations to visit, coming up with academic and non-formal activities, booking accommodations and creating budgets.

Previous destinations

  • 2010 – Istanbul
  • 2011 – Morocco
  • 2014 – Bucharest
  • 2015 – Istanbul
  • 2016 – Finland and Estonia
  • 2017 – Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia
  • 2018 – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • 2019 – Athens
  • 2022 – Naples
  • 2023 – Berlin


Kinga Kurowska