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The Statutes of Extra Muros consist of three documents: the Regulations (Dutch: Statuten), Rules of Procedure (Dutch: Huishoudelijk Reglement), and Independent Committee and Confidants Guidelines (Dutch: Richtlijnen voor de Onafhankelijke Commissie en Vertrouwenscontactpersonen). These documents ensure that the association runs smoothly.  


The Regulations are part of Extra Muros’s founding document (Dutch: Akte van Oprichting) and are notarized. Only the notarized Dutch version holds legal value.

Original Regulations
Translated Regulations
Rules of Procedure

The Rules of Procedure describe rules that members of the association and board members are to follow.

Rules of Procedure
Independent Committee and Confidants Guidelines

The Independent Committee and Confidant Guidelines describe the rights and obligations of the Independent Committee. It also describes how its members are to behave as the association’s confidants.

Independent Committee and Confidants Guidelines
Code of Conduct

To be added.

Code of Conduct (TBA)

Other Documents

Event Initiative Form

To officially propose an event to the board, committees have to fill in the Event Initiative Form.

Event Initiative Form
Reimbursement Form

If you have made expenses for the association and want a reimbursement, you can fill in this form.

Reimbursement Form