What is the Educational Committee?

The Educational Committee is our newest committee! The 13th board set up this committee to emphasize and expand Extra Muros’ role as educational supporter.
Our aim is to help you pass your exam, course, or year. Particularly now, since many classes are online, starting a new study is harder. And we want to help you! So we are especially here for first-year students to ease the transition to LAS and to university.
We for example organize Crash Courses. These are classes given by students who have already taken a particular course. They will go over the content of the exam so you know what and how to study. But we also organise writing lessons and study groups. In addition, LAS students can always contact Extra Muros with their questions about course content and about their academic choices.
As a member of the Educational Committee you will help organise educational classes and get-togethers and through this learn a lot about teamwork and planning. But most importantly, you will be able to make many students’ lives a bit easier!