Extra Muros goes to the Efteling Woooo!!!!

Dear LASers,

We are delighted to announce that Friday the 22th of November Extra Muros will be going to the Efteling.
There are 45 tickets available, for a mere 28 euros a piece (30% off).
Everyone (even non-members) can sign-up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YFAF2VfIABQPqZiWc_UMaKjPo2dPf_ZayrEx_jdEOYM/edit?usp=sharing
The discount will be split between members first (so only if we have fewer than 45 sign-ups will non-members get the discount, if more than 45 members sign up, we will split the discount between however many sign-ups we have).

The deadline for signing up is the 3rd of November, the week of the 4th we will send out payment request, after you’ve paid, we get you a ticket.

Public Transport
We will be entering the Efteling at 11:00, so we will take bus 301 form Tilburg Station to Den Bosch via the Efteling.
This bus leaves at 10:17 and 10:32. Sadly, you will have to pay for the bus yourself, it’s about 6 bucks back and forth.

The Efteling
For those that don’t know: the Efteling is a theme park near Tilburg, built around fairytales and old (Dutch) legends. It’s quite the phenomenon in the Netherlands, and if you study in Tilburg for 3 years, you really should go there at least once.
It’s fun for people who like rollercoasters and rides, however, it’s also a great place to walk around and enjoy many different fairytales and stories.
For more information:

Activities Committee


Nov 22 2019


10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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