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April 30, 2023
11:59 pm
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Looking for an exciting opportunity to expand your skills and make a difference in the LAS community? We are thrilled to announce that our board applications have just opened! The 4 board positions – President, Secretary, Treasurer, PR – share several responsibilities and opportunities and each position additionally has personal tasks and possibilities to work on individual projects.

As President, your tasks are very diverse. You act as main representative of the association and act in the best interests of the members by establishing a vision together with your other board members. You furthermore maintain contact with other organizations in and around the university, which means you have meetings and drinks with other associations, university bodies, and companies in Tilburg. Being president, but also a board member in general, teaches you to have a professional attitude and how to act in difficult situations. You try to support everyone in what they do and give structure to all tasks within the association. Next to contributing to the association and its members, these soft skills also help you in your personal development!

As Secretary, you will primarily be responsible for the communications around internal processes of Extra Muros and act as the first point of contact for our members besides the regular responsibilities you share with the rest of your amazing board! This function especially is a great place to flex and develop your communication and organization skills and have a really good time. It is furthermore to mention, that traditionally it is the Secretary who joins the Academic Committee of UCSRN to represent UCT.

Want to spend all your time doing maths? If so, being Treasurer is not for you! In general, the Treasurer: keeps track of how much money goes in, how much money goes out, fighting ING, and along with the rest of the board, oversees committees. You’re also in charge of setting up the yearly budget and keeping track of how much each committee has spent, as well as reimbursements. The main rule is: don’t rob the treasury. In the wise words of Beatrice, (our beloved previous treasurer), “I don’t know how to mess this up”. As with any job, it has its unexpected adventures, but as long you’re organized, it doesn’t get between you and your education.

As PRO (Public Relations Officer), you are the one making posts and communicating the planned events to your members. Additionally to the shared responsibilities, you update the website, manage our social media, you can organize merch and build and maintain external relations, for example as member of the Social Commitee of UCSRN. You are also
given the freedom to have your own committee to support you with your tasks!

An Extra Muros board position is the perfect place to develop your skills, gain valuable experience, and make meaningful connections. Don’t miss this chance – apply here! 💙

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