General Questions

Extra Muros, the study association of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Tilburg University, gives you the opportunity to explore your student and study life outside of the walls.

The great community of LAS studens organizes social activities, such as monthly drinks, an amazing Gala, and many other parties, such as Halloween. Not just parties though! If you are a more chill and relaxed person Extra Muros also offers board game nights, city trips, and many other creative events, such as the LAS Band and a theater group. On top of that we organize many Academic Activities. We watch and discuss films, have book clubs, and even do events with professors such as salons, where you are all invited to talk about something that caught your interest around a certain theme, after which we all discuss it in a big group of intellectuals.

We aim to broaden the horizon of our members by organizing events with guest speakers, who share their wordsof wisdom about a high variety of topics. Additionally we give Crash Courses before exams, to help you out if you need a little extra assistance on top of the lectures.

We explore Dutch culture through day excursions, and creating interactive discussions in which you can freely voice your opinion. On the other hand the Dutchies will be introduced to the many different culture by our fabulous international members!

Each year we organize an amazing Study Trip. Last year we spent a week in the place from which democracy originates: Athens.

We also help the faculty with events they want to organize. Here at LAS we are a big family, including the professors. All in all there is something for every kind of person to do in Extra Muros, so join in on the fun! If you want details on what each committee organizes check out the Committee tab.

20 Euros. If you want to become a member of Extra Muros, you will have to pay a membership fee of 20 euros per academic year. For third year students who go on exchange the fee is 10 euros, since they will be here only for one semester. 

The membership lasts at least for one academic year if the membership fee is paid according to the rules. It can be canceled anytime and ends automatically with the end of your studies of LAS in Tilburg (after that you can be still a member of EM’s Alumni Association)

Being a member of Extra Muros has a lot of advantages!

  • Being part of LAS at University College Tilburg means being part of a close-knit community. This community is called Extra Muros, THE study association for all LAS students in Tilburg.

  • As a member of Extra Muros, you are also automatically a member of UCSRN (University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands), which will enable you to meet LAS students from all around Netherlands. You can join their events and parties as well, for example the annual sports competition!

  • Extra Muros has a contract with StudyStore, you as EM member will have Extra (Muros) discount on your books! Of course Extra Muros arranged discount on your mandatory course books, but you will also receive the discount on several English and Dutch books that we assume to be interesting for you as the Liberal Arts students.

  • What’s more, in order to become a member of Extra Muros you will NOT have to go through any hazing process. We respect you as you are, and there is no need to prove yourself to us on that way 🙂

  • Most importantly, by becoming a member you can participate in all our events and even get involved in one of the committees. On that way, you have the opportunity to organize an event you always wanted to, meet new people and have fun with all your fellow students. That is a great chance for personal development, learning many extremely valuable skills such as organisation, and it also looks good on your CV!

    How can I contribute...

    Just go there and have a lot of fun with all of your fellow students!

    Throughout the academic year, Extra Muros organizes some amazing events, both academic as well as social and cultural events. For the past few years, some of our popular events have been the EM Gala, the yearly Study Trip, LAS cafe, BeerPong, Last Lecture, and the Creative Crossover. Check our FB photos of many events and parties!

    Participating in a committee is the best and easiest way of becoming a truly active member in EM: Committees do make EM what it is. To contribute just show up to meetings and do things, help out, add ideas, or practice your skills organizing events! How much time you invest in a committee is up to you, your study goes first. There are many different possible committees you may participate in. Just check the Committee section on our homepage or contact us directly if you have any further questions.

    Being a board member of EM gives you the chance to get to know all activities of EM and coordinate them. Through that you will get to know many new and interesting people, ideas and gain many skills for your later life. Furthermore, it is much fun to work closely on projects with your board and seeing EM grow. Being a member of the board means investing time every week into various projects and often small things take up most of your time. Every board member also works as a supervisor of a committee, thus is a mediator between board and committee. As a boardie you need to be creative, manage your time well and especially be good in working in a team. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the current board members.

    Do you have an idea which cannot be realized in a current committee of EM, but you would like to realize it within EM? We love and encourage any new ideas: so please let us know about anything in your mind and we will try our best to help you with it. The network and “name” of EM can open doors at university for your plans. Moreover, EM has direct contact to many LAS students who could help you with your idea and plans. Just write us an email, drop by during our office hours, contact us on facebook or whatever is best for you.

    Or just do it. You are free to do whatever you want, we just give you the opportunity to do soO!


    You can find all preliminary information under the committees tab. These pages will give you the basic information on what a committee does. For further information you are welcome to contact us on the board as described in the contact section.

    You are a curious, motivated person and want to be inspired and inspire others? Do you want to get to know your fellow LAS students from all years and majors better and see your work in the committees grow fast? Do you want to organize events that you and others can enjoy together? Committees in EM are your chance to not only have fun with other students and to share your skills and ideas – They are also a space where you can gain new skills, ideas, friends and contacts. EM needs you being active in the committees since they are the backbone of EM and basically EM consists out of it.

    You can apply for a committee on the homepage. You will not be rejected, need to turn in your CV or anything! Just sign up, meet the head and enjoy!

    This does really depend on the type of the committee. While the Study Trip is most work during the days of the trip, the Academic Committee is a constant but much less intense workflow. In general a committee may take from a few hours a month to full days of a week (e.g. the Study Trip). Don’t be scared that it may be too much work: Your study always comes first and there is a lot of understanding for any other reasons of not being able to participate in certain times. Yet: the more you put in the committee, the more you can get out of it, it is your own investment! 😉

    Don’t be scared that it may be too much work: Your study always comes first. Even if you just organize a single event you want to do in the year through the committee you have contributed greatly! There is no pressure to do certain things at certain times. On top of that learning does not only happen in the lecture hall and while reading books. The practical skills committee works gives you has equal value to what we do during the school year!

    The head of a committee is simple the person that makes sure everyone feels comfortable and happy in the committee. The head makes sure meetings happen and what is on that meeting. Sometimes in life people also need a bit of a push to do what they truly want to do. The head of a committee is the backbone, the strong motivating figure helping people achieve what they want to achieve within the committee. The head is also responsible for the budget of the committee, deciding where their money gets spend on. Lastly but not leastly the head is the connecting person between the Board and the Committee, making sure everyone is up to date on what is happening.

    Applying for a board position

    Becoming part of the board of Extra Muros means much fun, involvement and a lot of (work) experience. If you apply for a board position within Extra Muros you can either apply for the position of president, secretary, treasurer or PR-manager. What it means is investing a fairly high amount of time into improving and steering Extra Muros in the right direction. The Board is the Captain of our amazing little LAS-ship. Your study of course still comes first!

     Useful skills can be: social competence, openness, co-operation. It depends on the position you apply for, and your ambition within the board.

    The application process will open at the end of each academic year. When the applications open, we will notify you about the application process. Of course, if you are already planning of applying earlier, you can always talk to one of the board members/send us a facebook message or an email! 


    You can always find information about our events on Facebook on our page or the group.
    Other sources of information will be the Extra Muros website, our monthly newsletter and sometimes the screens on campus. And on this very website!

    In other words, you don’t have to be afraid that you miss the announcement of an event! 

    No, most of our events are free! There might be some events were you will have to pay a small amount. Remember, that if you are member, some of our events are free for our members but not for non-members!