Committees are the driving force behind the association. Below you find the most frequently asked questions about committees in general. For more specific information about individual committees, please see the committees page.

How can I contribute in a committee?

Participating in a committee is the best and easiest way of becoming a truly active member in Extra Muros. Committees do make Extra Muros what it is. To contribute just show up to meetings and do things, help out, add ideas, or practice your skills organizing events! How much time you invest in a committee is up to you, your study goes first. There are many different possible committees you may participate in. Just check the committee page or contact the committee head directly if you have any further questions.

Why should I join a committee?

Are you a curious, motivated person and do you want to be inspired and inspire others? Do you want to get to know your fellow LAS students from all years and majors better and see your work in the committees grow fast? Do you want to organize events that you and others can enjoy together? Committees in Extra Muros are your chance to not only have fun with other students and to share your skills and ideas, but they are also a space where you can gain new skills, ideas, friends and contacts. Extra Muros needs you being active in the committees since they are the backbone of the association.

How can I join a committee?

You can apply for a committee via this ( link. You will not be rejected, need to turn in your CV or anything! Just sign up, meet the head and enjoy! Be aware that committee sign-ups only open at the beginning of the academic year. However, under circumstances, it is also possible to join during the year.

How much time will it take for me to be part of a committee?

This does really depend on the type of the committee. While the Study Trip is most work during the days of the trip, the Academic Committee is a constant but much less intense workflow. In general, a committee may take from a few hours a month to full days of a week (e.g. the Study Trip). Don’t be scared that it may be too much work, your study always comes first and there is a lot of understanding for any other reasons not being able to participate in certain times. Yet, the more you put in the committee, the more you can get out of it. It is your own investment!

I am not sure if I have enough time for a committee…

Don’t be scared that it may be too much work, your study always comes first. Even if you just organize a single event you want to do in the year through the committee you have contributed greatly! There is no pressure to do certain things at certain times. On top of that learning does not only happen in the lecture hall and while reading books. The practical skills committee work gives you has equal value to what we do during the school year!

What is a committee head?

The head of a committee is simply the person that makes sure everyone feels comfortable and happy in the committee. The head makes sure meetings happen and sets the agenda. Sometimes people also need a little push in the right direction to let them do what they truly want to do. The head of a committee is the backbone, the strong motivating figure helping people achieve what they want to achieve within the committee. The head is also responsible for the budget of the committee, deciding where their money gets spent on. Last but not least, the head is the connecting person between the board and the committee, making sure everyone is up to date on what is happening.