Our Story

We noticed that after the covid-19 pandemic people started retreating into their own shell and drifting apart. Our mission is to stop this from continuing! Together with you, dear reader, we would like to communicate and engage with each other and share what we enjoy with you. 

Our content reflects our interests, thoughts, quirks and aims to represent the diverse community we have in Liberal Arts and Sciences. As we all know, sharing is caring, so we decided to share our interests with you and hope you choose to do so too! This is a space where we can engage in discussions, learn new things and be creative with one- another while sharing a laugh about one or two of the terribly amazing jokes we have to offer (see “joke me daddy”). Now enjoy the cosiness of the Common room, feel free to roam around our content that is just as colourful as we are!

Our Team

We are a diverse group of 13 international LAS students, all sharing a passion for writing and design. Some of us are first years, while others have been around for a bit longer and are spread out over a range of different majors - including social sciences, humanities, neuroscience and law (as of right now, only the business major is not represented - if you feel courageous enough to take on this responsibility, feel free to contact us). We are one of the newer committees of Extra Muros and are highly motivated to write fun articles for our fellow LAS students. Our mission is to make even the longest and darkest of lecture days slightly more bearable - be it with a cute animal picture, a frightening horoscope prediction or a few book recommendations to save you from falling in a reading slump. We are always open to new ideas from our LAS community - therefore, we would love to hear from you!

Lots of love,

The Newspaper Committee

- Angel Sharma

"Hello! My name is Angel Sharma and I'm a second year LAS student majoring in International law. I'm one the co-editors-in-chief of The Common Room and have found immense joy in creating, curating, and crafting these pieces with the most chaotic and creative team ever. I have a PHD (Punctuality Has Deceased) in procrastination but my love for literature, art and making people feel warm inside trumps everything. Read all that you can, enjoy our work and stay a while."

- Anna Komaromi

"Hi! I am Anna. I am in the second year Social Science Major. I am mainly a vontwnt writer and editor at the Common Room. I love collecting cute diy decoration, fashion ideas and recepies to my various pinterest boards and then never actually do anything with them. I am a master of overthinking the most ordinary situations. 🙃"

- Benthe van de Garde

"Hii! My name is Benthe, I’m currently in my second year of LAS and I proudly make up 1/6th of a small elite which is the social sciences major. In my free time I like to read, dance around (and accidentally injure myself by thinking I can do the splits) & make some pretty awful dad jokes. I joined the Common Room as I loved writing stories as a child and would love to regain that passion this way :)"

- Emma Fransen

"Hey there, fabulous readers and fellow ink enthusiasts! I'm Emma, your go-to gal for a little dose of wit and wisdom. I'm a second year doing the Cognitive Neuroscience major. I'll be writing some columns and I'm on the design team as well. You might be asking, "What's neuroscience got to do with writing and design?" And that's where the magic happens! I'm all about those creative connections. I really hope you'll be enjoying what we're gonna bring you guys cause I'm already PUMPED!"

- Evelyn Hilt-Rojas

"Heijoo! I'm Evelyn, a second year Cognitive Neuroscience Student from LAS.
I love to do sports such as Tennis and dancing but also am passionate for artistic creative things like painting and writing.
In my spare time I really enjoy crying, overthinking, laughing too hard at bad jokes and missing my dog. Oh and I guess I like hanging out with my friends, too... 😉
I like working in a team and creating interesting and funny content for people. That's why I am a part of this crazy, amazing group."

- Katrina Evans

"Hello! I’m Katrina. I am a second year Social Sciences major. I joined the Common Room as a designer/editor because I am a passionate artist, from oil paints to illustrations to digital works. So I think I’m qualified to say that I am a master of pulling all nighters."

- Maaike van Walderveen

"Hey! I'm Maaike and I'm a second year Arts and Humanities student. In high school I was also part of the newspaper committee and I really enjoyed creating it. So, when word got around about the Common Room, I was immediately hooked. I've always found joy and a sense of self-expression through art, especially writing. One might say that I am creative, but do I have the skills? Perhaps I am an imposter, who knows. Nonetheless, I'm glad to be a part of the Common Room, with all these amazing people!"

- Micha Braaksma

"Hi hi I'm Micha! I'm a first year LAS student, primarily interested in philosophy and the social sciences. I joined the Common Room as I'm a passionate reader and writer, as well as photographer. My writing and photography have been often been exhibited. They have also received awards and been published in books, magazines, and online. I also love performing my writing on stage 🙂 At LAS I'm the head of the Yearbook Committee and outside of school I'm an editor (in chief) for multiple magazines."

- Safieh Brettschneider

"Hey, my name is Saf! I'm a second year student majoring in the Social Sciences. I joined the newspaper because I wanted a little bit of a creative outlet that I can do alongside studying. Here, I can use all the creativity I have which is not ultimately needed when reading research papers or writing essays on given topics. This is my major point of contribution as I have absolutely no qualifications to show in a professional sense regarding media, content creating or editing apart from a school internship in 8. Grade. Soooo, I’m living by the motto: “fake it ‘till you make it”, which has proven helpful in various Uni and life situations."

- Sterre Delahaije

"Hi, I'm Sterre! I'm a first year LAS student, interested in philosophy and neuroscience.

I spent a year building up an art school portfolio, only to get into the school and cancel my application. I love writing, though I've never finished writing an entire story before forgetting it exists and moving on to the next.

I joined the Common Room to hopefully do something with the skills I've (somewhat) gained (; !

PS, I also have two very cute dogs"

- Simon van Geene

"Hello! I am Simon, co-head of the Newspaper Committee. I am a second year student, majoring in law. I love to write as well as working in a team. I like to be creative and I'm quite chaotic, and hence I really enjoy to dump all my thoughts on a piece of paper and see what interesting stuff comes off it. Also, I've been interested in journalism for quite a while, and hence I wanted to find my worth in this committee.

Nevertheless, I think I'll be spending lots of my time organizing here. But, fortunately, that's something I enjoy doing as well 🙂 "

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