Confidential Contact Persons (CCPs)

Extra Muros wants to deliver great experiences to its members. It can occur you have personal, study or association-related problems. In those cases, Extra Muros has CCPs available who provide a listening ear. If necessary, CCPs can direct you to the right people who can help you solve your problem.

If you don’t know who to address, you can email to Our CCPs will do their best to respond as soon as possible.

For all rules and procedures concerning CCPs, please refer to our Statutes.

Jens van Vugt


Angel Sharma


Robin Heesakkers


Study Advisor

Geno Spoormans is the official study advisor of the Liberal Arts and Sciences program. He can help you with personal and study related issues. It is possible to schedule an appointment via the Liberal Arts secretary ( or via the student desk.

Student Psychologist

The student psychologists offer short-term, goal-oriented help with study problems, short-term personal problems and guidance on problems that directly affect studies. Take a look on the website of Tilburg University for more information.

Student Advice and Counseling

Would you like information, advice or guidance during your studies, for example about your program, to prepare you for the job market or on a personal level? The advisors and counselors of Tilburg University will be happy to help you. Take a look on the website of Tilburg University for more information.

Free e-health program Gezondeboel

Every student of Tilburg University has access to the e-health program Gezondeboel. It is an online module at which you can work on your mental health by yourself. Please take a look to see if this is something for you.