What is the study trip committee?

The Study Trip Committee organises our annual Study Trip, open to all Extra Muros members. Committee members will spend their time thinking of fun and affordable destinations to visit, coming up with academic and non-formal activities, booking accommodations and creating budgets.

The Study Trip Committee is one of the most rewarding committees in Extra Muros, as you will be creating an unforgettable experience and doing responsible and diverse work!

The trip is an extension to what you study in your Liberal Arts and Sciences program, but a whole lot more fun than sitting in a lecture room (or Zoom meeting); visiting historically important places is mixed with meeting the culture of the current location. Taking part in the trip not only gives you greater experience of the various cultures in Europe and beyond, but it also gives you the opportunity to make great friends and hang out with your fellow students.
In 2020, plans to go to Edinburgh were unfortunately waylaid by Covid-19, which made us unable to go on the trip.
We wholeheartedly hope that we will be able to go on a study trip in 2021, but unfortunately there’s no way of knowing that for sure at this moment in time. That will make this year a bit of a strange one for the Study Trip Committee. Nevertheless, we’re going to be doing our best to make the best out of the year and find a way to make the committee work!


Some previous destinations:

  • 2010 – Istanbul
  • 2011 – Morocco
  • 2014 – Bucharest
  • 2015 – Istanbul
  • 2016 – Finland and Estonia
  • 2017 – Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia
  • 2018 – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • 2019 – Athens
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